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Elevators in different buildings

Elevators in different buildings


Education is the right of all and should be available without discrimination and regardless of physical ability. When you think about it, any student or teacher may need to use crutches or a wheelchair for a while, a sprained ankle or a broken leg is enough. This is when a Elevators becomes an absolute necessity.

Tolas Elevators is the perfect solution with fast installation and very less construction work, compared to a conventional Elevators. The modern and robust technology also saves costs on maintenance. Regardless of whether your building has one level, several floors, or just a few steps at the entrance, Tolas has the perfect convenient solution for you.


We offer large range of hospital Elevators for easy transportation of bulky equipment as well as patients. Our Elevators are designed to meet modern day hospital requirements with refined looks and high functionality.

Major Features are:

  • Toughness
  • Smooth quality
  • Power effectiveness
  • Scratch Proof
  • Strong assembly


Tolas Elevator designs Elevator that caters to hotel industry. The elevators are noiseless and comfortable to let your guests enjoy your hotel’s interior design and friendly staff – for a warm and personal welcome.

The Elevators are designed to make highest movement phases easy to handle by get the best out of transport capacity, so your boarders don’t have to wait long.


Home means comfort and we at Tolas understands the difficulties of waiting for the Elevators during peak times in residential building when people leave home for the work and come back. Thus we plan for comfortable Elevators in real world scenario.

With easy mobility, residents will love the interiors and colors to match with your theme of Tolas elevators. We provide right solution for residents and builders to fit the requirement of Elevators.

Shopping Malls

Tolas elevators designed for shopping malls make the movement of people easy and comfortable so they can spend more time on shopping and less on mobility.

We understand time-sensitivity of mall projects, has developed verified tools for planning layout, volumes and reducing energy consumption. We always ensures hassle-free installation and combines high efficiency with low environmental impact.


Tolas floor Elevators are vertical platform Elevators up to 1000 kg capacity that enable users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently. We provide specialist goods Elevators for mezzanine floors or between two or more floors and suit numerous requirements and applications within buildings, such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops.