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Dumb Waiter

Dumb Waiter

Dumb Waiter are the small elevators which are mainly used to carry various goods instead of people. They can be installed in different construction sites, restaurants, schools, and warehouses. Their weight holding capacity generally varies between 45-450 kilograms. These elevators can be installed for both commercial and private purposes. They are made up of mild steel or stainless steel to give it a rust free nature. The speed of carrying goods might range between 0.25-0.50 meters per second.

With vast industry knowledge, we are instrumental in manufacturing and supplying our clients an extensive range of Dumb Waiter. These lifts are manufactured by our skilled professionals with the use of latest tools and technique. Further, provided lifts have installed dumbwaiters for commercial and residential usage for lifting materials from ground floor to different floors. In addition, these robustly designed Dumb Waiter are offered in various technical specifications as per the varied requirements of our clients.

Decades earlier, the Dumb Waiter were used to move food up to the dining room from a basement kitchen. Today, its use is much more varied. Home owners install such kind of lift to move groceries from the garage to kitchen or laundry from the upper-level rooms to the basement. In homes built on smaller pieces of land, dumbwaiter can be developed to ease out the tasks of moving loads up and down, instead of moving its from a number of stairs. This kind of goods lift travel within a hoist-way carrying several objects. The lift car moves within the hoistway together with a guide rail, keeping it in place. There are cables and pulleys to lift and lower the car.

Types of Dumb Waiter

  • Manual dumbwaiters which are operated by pulling on a hand rope. This rope used to lift or lower the car.
  • Powered dumbwaiters at a push of a button, raise or lower the car. The motor is usually mounted either above or below the car.

Features of Dumb Waiter

  • Weight capacity—100 lb. to 200 lb. weight capacity of Residential dumbwaiters. For greater weight capacities, a commercial dumbwaiter is suitable.
  • Car—The car of a residential dumbwaiter is the frame/ box that moves within a hoist-way/ shaft and carry goods to various different levels. A standard size for the residential car is 20″w x 20″d x 30″h.
  • The types of gates that can be used within the car for traveling include bi-fold, roll top and collapsible gate. For greater car size requirement, commercial dumbwaiter can be selected.
  • Speed—Residential dumbwaiters travel about 20–30 feet per minute. Some of its models can travel at about 50 fpm.
  • Stops—This kind of lift makes a minimum of two stops. Three–six stops is also possible.
  • Safety—It comes with interlocks, usually electro-mechanical interlocks for their safety. When this lift is not in use, it locks the access doors on all levels that the car is not on.
  • Interior finishes—White or ivory colored powder coated steel or stainless steel os the standard interior finish. It comes with wood panel cabs.
  • Maintenance of Dumbwaiters
  • Licensed elevator technicians can only service the residential dumbwaiters.
  • Dimensional stability
  • High compressive strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Safe to use