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Hydraulic Car Elevator

Hydraulic Car Elevator

Owing to our immense industry experience and understanding, we have become the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Car Elevator. Precisely manufactured utilizing optimum quality components and latest technology, this elevator is widely acclaimed for its features like optimum performance and reliability. Based on hydraulic mechanism, this elevator is mainly used at parking’s. Also, we offer this Hydraulic Car Elevator in various technical specifications at very affordable rates.

Hydraulic car elevators are the solution to the parking problems in market. It also save on costly land in commercial areas. These elevators transports small cars to light commercials to the tops or basement and showrooms. The vehicles are moved from one floor to another without any problem. One can elevator cars to single or multi floor. This kind of elevator also eases out the tasks of vehicle and axle inspection, mechanical repairs, and service work.

The hydraulic drive system filled with biodegradable oil gives synchronization and makes the elevator long lasting. It has dual hydraulic cylinders, auto safety locks and auto arm restraints for guaranteeing the ultimate safety for the vehicle. This elevators also have dual controls for allowing their operation from either columns. Its multi position electronic locking system allows the service personnel full access to carry out the maintenance work. The high pressure cylinders on all columns give highest lifting force and allows smooth operation. This elevator can be designed in different platform rises, capacities and widths.

Working of Hydraulic Car Elevators

The hydraulic car elevator operates making use of the basic principle, i.e., transmitting force via an incompressible fluid. Hydraulic fluid applies the force from one point of the system, which is transmitted to another. As the fluid transfers from one endpoint to another, the force multiplies. This is the reason, small amount of pressure can end up lifting a huge amount of weight. This kind of elevator also relies on a multiple piston system. The first piston applies the force and the last piston elevators the car. And, the distance between both the piston plays an essential role in the amount of weight the elevator can handle.

Air Bubble Causes Trouble In a Hydraulic elevators

The oil used in a hydraulic system is an incompressible fluid, whose density remains consistent irrespective of the amount of pressure applied.

While the air compresses easily and does not distribute force evenly, because of which the complete system becomes corrupt as a hydraulic system gets an air bubble in the line. In this condition, the force will not be distributed evenly across the oil and the air bubble will absorb the majority of the force. This wont let the moving of second piston, resulting in struggling of car elevator to get off the ground.


  • High load bearing capacity
  • Hassle free operations
  • Sturdy design
  • Reliable performance