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Can you imagine that more than 325 million people use more than 1 million elevators each day? Now, this is a huge number by any parameters. These statistics all the more call for a need, to ensure that all these people stay safe and secure as they opt for the elevator ride.

Elevator related injuries are quite common. The majority of elevator related deaths happen when people are either getting into or coming out of an elevator. At times it is seen that people get trapped between the moving parts of the elevator or they get stuck inside the elevator car. This is hugely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Follow the tip mentioned below to maximize safety:

Tips when you are waiting for the elevator

  • Look as well as listen for the cues concerning the arrival of the elevator.
  • Do not stand very close to the door of the elevator.
  • Make adequate space for the passengers that are coming out.
  • In case the elevator is full, you must wait for the next one.
  • Do not try to jump in or stop the closing doors.
  • In case a fire or any other situation chooses to take the stairs.

Tips to Follow When Boarding an Elevator

  • Allow people that are exiting ample space before you board.
  • Be wary of your step, the elevator is sometimes not at the same level on the floor.
  • Stay away from the door especially keep your bag and clothes away.
  • Push Door Open button to keep the door open if people are taking time getting in.

Tips to Follow When Riding the Elevators

  • Always tightly hold the handrail, if it is possible.
  • Do not stay away from the elevator wall.
  • Pay heed to floor indications as well as announcements.
  • In case the doors fail to open press the DOOR OPEN button when the elevator stops moving.
  • Do not panic in case you are stuck in the elevator. Use the alarm button that is located inside.
  • the elevator. You can even call the emergency contact button to receive immediate help.

Tips to Follow When Exiting the Elevator

  • Exit on your floor immediately.
  • Refrain from pushing the people that are standing in front.
  • Be careful of your step.

What to Do In Event of an Emergency?

  • In case the elevator stops working stay calm, there is enough air in the elevator so there is no
    need to feel claustrophobic.
  • Reassure as well as calm people who panic in such a situation.
  • Make use of the alarm and help button.
  • Use the telephone to call for help. Read the instructions and follow them to hilt.
  • Do not try to force open the door.
  • Do not try to climb out of the elevator that gets stuck. You must wait for a person to help.
  • In case of power failure emergency lighting is available.