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These days you see elevators just about everywhere. From malls to high-rise buildings, elevators have a marked presence wherever we go. Now, the question crops up, how to maintain them so that any unforeseen incident is avoided and it keeps working seamlessly without any hindrance.

Mentioned below are some very useful elevator maintenance guidance that will ensure that optimal working conditions are maintained:

1. Maintain a Record of Operational Issues

If you wish to avoid sudden stalling or breakdown of an elevator, it is vital to maintain a log of all problems that have cropped up in the past. Tracking is a helpful way to diagnose different problems. The elevator repair facility will refer to this record and will be able to come up with a solution faster than expectation. There are always recurring patterns as far as complaints are concerned. For instance, during peak times you might hear odd sounds, etc.

2. Regularly Check Elevator Doors

As per the Elevator Maintenance Engineers, they get more then 50% emergency calls due to door problems. Elevator doors must be aligned for long term uses. We do not require paying special attention towards door alignment, just a common sign of misaligned elevator door is scratches outside of the door from the panels dragging along it.

3. Root Out Malfunctioning Equipment at the Earliest

If there is anything that is not working properly such as a switch or a button, get it changed at the earliest. It is imperative that things such as cab lights, switches are repaired quickly. This will avoid any nuisance complaints and accidents.

4. Avoid Strong Industrial Cleaning Products

The industrial cleaners are harsh. They can corrode the inside of an elevator thus causing internal mechanical failures. Avoid using such products to clean the elevator and hire a reputed elevator repair service to do the cleaning.

5. Follow The Weight Guidelines

If elevators transport any heavy products or items, make sure that you adhere to the weight guidelines. Overload can damage the machinery and can lead to an accident. Also, have a dedicated elevator maintenance service so that if any problem arises it can be fixed up without any delay or unnecessary postponement.
These are some of the suggestions to maintain elevators. Follow these suggestions to make sure that the elevator is functioning properly and is safe at all times.